Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stepping Out

Steve is due home from a pheasant hunting trip shortly and instead of cleaning up my clutter I am trying to figure out how to design my blog! The hunting trip was in Nebraska at my parents farm. Here is a shot of our favorite landmark on their farm. There is 40 yrs worth of Queen Annes lace crawling up the windmill. Don't you think it is beautiful?

I was inspired by on her Nov 16th post to create a centerpiece with pheasant feathers for Thanksgiving. Steve agreed to save me some feathers from their hunt. I will share a photo with you this week, if my efforts are successful. Check out Nancy's amazing talents for table scape and her beautiful transferware dishes.

Today I had a visitor who stopped by after I commented on her blog at I have always loved ribbon roses and her work is more lovely than any other I've seen. Dana was kind enough to thank me and mentioned that she was going to follow me in return but I had no posts! This blog has been on the back burner amongst dozens of other unfinished projects waiting for some attention. I am determined to jump in and figure out how to post photographs and create links. I named this blog 4 yrs ago and find it interesting to note that my quiet time this morning was spent reading the book of James where he says to "Consider it all joy..." in the second verse. (At that point of the day, working on my blog was not even a remote possibility.) Life does have its challenges that develop character, endurance, and make us complete. I look forward to this old study from Chuck Swindoll, who will challenge and teach me interesting perspectives on this practical book.


lambs and ivy designs said...

What a beautiful beginning!!!
I can't wait to see where your blog journey takes us!

Thank you for mentioning my blog in your first post! What a sweet honor!


Kim B said...

This is lovely Joanne. I enjoy reading your writings and will tune in from time to time.Thank you for sharing.Kim B.

Callie said...

I love the name of your blog as well as that beautiful picture.

serena said...

Joanne , This Is very pretty and I think you have all the beauty of a friend that anyone could have or ask for and I can see where all the creative writing comes from your heart.

Love You